Extension Cord for Space Heater: Safety & Reviews

We have reviewed and found out that extension cords are the best choice to enhance safety from your space heater to electrical appliances and power.

For instance, if your space heater pulls 15Amps, you will need an extension cord that can handle at least 15Amps.

Can I Use an Extension Cord with A Space Heater?

Yes. The extension cords available in our markets are safe to use with your room space heater.

If you have a space heater in one of your room and the electrical cord on the space is at a distance, let say 3 feet, you will need the type of extension cord with 2 or 3 prongs.

The extension cords are designed to enhance your safety by setting the power requirements of the extension higher than the power requirement for the appliances.

It is recommended that you apply these extended cords based on the requirement (wattage) needed by your space heater.

Extension cords usually cannot handle high current. When you use these devices on high current flow needed in space heaters, both tools can overheat or even catch fire due to the added energy flow.

Properties of extension cables that may work for space heaters

Plug Type

The majority of extension cords for space heaters have either two or three-prong plugs based on your application. You may require a specific plug for higher amperage devices.

Power Rating

Every extension cord in our market is designed to specially handle the power requirement of your particular space heater.

Most extension cords in our market have a cord gauge vs amperage diagram to help you have an appropriate choice.

Cord layering

The outside cover of the cords is meant to protect the wires from moisture, or accidental stepping on by persons in the room.

The outer layers have designation designed with a sequence of letters with specific meanings for safety when using.

Size of the wire

The size of every extension cords varies according to the user’s specifications. The extension cords in our market are designed with a higher diameter for the heavy-duty of your space heater.

The Best Heavy-Duty Extension cables for Space heaters

If you are looking for the best brands of extension cords, the following are the great choice that you won’t regret using due to its effective performance and safety measures it provides.

#1 Cable Matters – 16AWG

Cable Matters is the best brand sturdy but flexible grounded extension cord that enhances your safety while using space heaters in your room.

This brand is designed with a 16 gauge, with an input current of 13 Amps and an overall weight of 2.47 pounds.


  • The 16 AWG GAUGE of this device has a three-prong extension cord rated for 13 Amps to support the common voltage power requirement of your space heaters home.
  • Cable matters extension cord is designed with a NEMA 15-5-P grounded power plug and a 3 pin female NEMA 5-15R connecter for effective use.
  • Its 3 prong extension can be connected to a standard 3 pronged 120V AC outlet receptacle.
  • This brand offers various sizes at cost-effective prices
  • Made of a 16 gauge copper wiring rated 13 amps and 1625 watts for efficiency.

#2. Maximum Cable Rotating Extension Cord

When it comes to using Maximum Cable for your space heater, you are certain of many safety issues associated with electric appliances to your space heater being addressed.


  • The cable is white and attractive bringing a beautiful décor in your room.
  • Maximm uses a flat plug design that does not protrude from the wall like other cables hence providing a perfect fit in your wall.
  • This device can be rotated even after being plugged in creating a room for other cables you may wish to add.
  • The devices work best for high amp space heaters and other appliances.
  • Maximm works great for space heaters requiring extra reach.

#3. Iron Forge Cable Illuminated Extension Cord

For those in need with a heavy-duty extension cord, Iron Forge Cable is the best solution designed with effective features to address safety challenges associated with your space heater appliance.


  • Iron Forge Cable is rated at 15 amps and 1875 watts, capable of driving a higher power space heater in your room.
  • This brand uses 10 gauge wire capable of high duty operations.
  • The thicker wire design of this device offers a consistent power effective high performance.
  • This cable is capable of withstanding overheating effects associated with prolonged use of your heater.
  • Comes with a Lifetime Warranty.


  • No challenge has been reported for using this device for the past year.

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