5+ Best Space Heaters for Large Room with High Ceilings

It has come to our mind that most space heaters are not ideal for large rooms with high ceilings and may not be used as the primary source of heating.

For this reason, it is essential to consider the best space heater for a large room with high ceilings available for you in our market.

Features to Consider in Large Room Space Heaters

If you are looking for a space heater for a large room then there are several things you need to consider. These things or features include:

a). Type of Heater

While buying these brands, you should choose the one that heats either by radiation or convection.

The radiation heater type is the best for high-ceiling rooms because it releases heat that targets objects directly and not the atmosphere or air in the room.

b). Type of Heater Installation

For rooms with high ceilings, it is better to use a portable heater because it can be installed close to the ceiling and when it radiates heat, it takes a long while before the warm saturates the atmosphere.

Best Space Heaters for a Large Room with High Ceilings

We reviewed several online stores to determine what customers are saying about the various brands of space heaters on the market.

space heater for large rooms with high ceilings
Space Heater

Our main focus was to check the reviews by those who use them for heating large rooms or rooms with high ceilings.

We can authoritatively state that the best space heaters for large rooms with high ceilings are:

  1. Dr. Infrared Portable Space Heater
  2. DeLonghi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater
  3. Pelonis Ceramic Tower Heater
  4. Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Space Heater
  5. e-Flame USA Electric Space Heater

Dr. Infrared Portable Space Heater

Dr. Infrared portable space heater is a great appliance for heating rooms with a high ceiling because of its advanced safety features.

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  • Infrared is designed with an advanced dual heating system of 1500W with a high and low-temperature setting range of 50-85 degrees.
  • This brand can heat a large room using a dual heating system designed with infrared quartz tubes and PTC.
  • The machine has an overheat and tip-over protection designed with a 12-hour automatic shut-off timer.
  • It is built with a humidifier that produces a cool mist to add humidity, especially in the dry winter air.
  • The heater can be easily maintained by removing and cleaning its filter regularly.
  • The advanced in-built safety features including an automatic shut-off timer operating on a 12-hour basis and a tip-over switch make the heater more effective.

De’Longhi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater

Individuals heating large rooms with high ceilings need effective appliances such as the DeLonghi Oil-Filled heater. This brand is designed with modern technology that would make you enjoy its operations.

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  • DeLonghi Oil-Filled is perfect for family use because of its safety technology design that includes a thermal shut-off to prevent overheating.
  • This brand does not require any assembly as it helps patented smart snap pre-assembled wheels that do not require assembling and it is portable.
  • This machine is also designed with modern technology to cut your costs by automatically maintaining the optimal temperature and power setting.
  • The oil system is permanently sealed and does not require regular refilling.
  • DeLonghi Oil-Filled contains an adjustable thermostat and multiple heat settings.
  • This brand requires minimal maintenance due to its diathermic oil, which is non-replaceable.


  • Some clients reported that this brand can easily get damaged when moved from one place to another regularly.

Pelonis Ceramic Tower Heater

The great heating capacity and mode of operation make the Pelonis Ceramic Tower Heater a great solution for heating your high-ceiling room. 

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  • Ceramic Tower produces minimal noise while heating your room as compared to other models from DeLonghi.
  • This brand provides fast and powerful spot heat safety.
  • It is designed with an ECO function that saves energy by automatically adjusting heat and the power setting for the most comfortable and economical warmth.
  • The ceramic tower does not require your technical skills to operate. It has a full-function remote control that is easy to use.


  • This heater has a small base that is not heavy enough to offer great stability to prevent it from falling.

Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Space Heater

If you are looking for a good heater for your large room with multiple sets for your convenience and personalization, you should pick on Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Space Heater.

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  • Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Heater temperature can be conveniently adjusted using the remote.
  • This heater contains an overheat protection that instantly shuts off to prevent overheating at around 1200V and 12.5 Amps.
  • The heater is designed with a patent-pending 3D flame effect technology with five adjustable colors, brightness, and speed settings that work effectively while warming your room.
  • Its adjustable digital thermostat allows you to select the appropriate temperature for your room.


  • A client reported that the heater’s surface gets too hot when the fireplace operates for a long time.

e-Flame USA Electric Space Heater

The design and style of e-Flame would make you select it as the appropriate heater for your room.

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  • This heater provides you with greater flexibility since you can place it in any position in your home.
  • It is designed in a 3D body complement that provides a great look in your home.
  • It is designed to suit your needs for movement from one room to another.
  • The e-Flame heater provides supplemental heat in a large room that measures up to 400 square feet.


  • It is difficult to clean and maintain an e-Flame heater.

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