5+ Best Space Heaters for Large Drafty Rooms

Sometimes you may get confused about which heater to choose from those displayed in the market due to similar features among different brands.

Following this confusion, we have reviewed and come up with the best distinctive brands such as the space heater for large draft rooms.

Drafty Room Space Heater Considerations

Before you settle on any given brand of space heater for use in heating a large draft room, you would have to consider several qualities or features.


Before purchasing any heater, you should look for a heater with a thermostat for temperature control so that your heater can regulate itself even when you have forgotten to put it off.

Overheat regulation mechanisms can be the reason why you do not get an emergency call that your house is on fire just because you forgot to switch off the space heater.

Physical Size

When buying heaters you need to look for the size of the heater that fits perfectly the space you have. Also, sizes may have an impact on other aspects of the room because of the power they may have.

For example, if you have a vaulted ceiling, you should go for a medium-sized portable unit.

Heater Type

The radiation heater type is the best for your large drafty room because it produces heat that directly targets the objects in your home and not the air in the room.

Best Space Heaters for Large Drafty Rooms

If you are looking for the top-rated space heaters suitable for drafty rooms, and which give you the value for your money, then you may consider the ones reviewed here.

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Active Space Heater

We determined that the best space heaters for large drafty rooms are:

  1. Lasko 760000 Cyclonic Ceramic Heater
  2. Homegear Compact 1500W Infrared Heater
  3. DeLonghi TRD40615E Full Room Radiant Heater
  4. Trustech Infrared Heater for Indoor Use
  5. Vornado VMH300 Whole Room Space Heater

All of these have been discussed in detail here below.

Lasko 760000 Cyclonic Ceramic Heater

As the name suggests, the Lasko Cyclonic Ceramic Heater heater has incorporated a cyclonic heat penetration mechanism that ensures the user experiences comfort as soon as the heater has been switched on.

It also has an inbuilt Fresh air ionizer coupled with self-regulating automatic overheat protection.

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  • The heater is made with cyclonic heat penetration for immediate comfort.
  • The heater is big with an inbuilt of 1500W that provides optimal heating power and a fresh air ionizer feature.
  • It has a Glide system pivot lever for use to direct the flow of air inside your room.
  • The device contains a safe ceramic element, overheat protection, and a cool touch exterior that makes it the best choice for your home.
  • Lasko 760000 Cyclonic Ceramic Heater enhances a fresh environmental feature and automatic overheat protection.


I strongly recommend the Lasko 760000 Cyclonic Ceramic Heater as the best heater for your house because of its special features including a fresh air ionizer, multifunction remote control, and thermostat control option.

You can also check alternatives from the Lasko store, which include Lasko CC24841, and Lasko 6050.

Homegear Compact 1500W Infrared Heater

The Homegear Compact 1500W Infrared Heater has been specially designed to address your solutions on drafty large rooms by its capability to heat rooms of up to 1500 square feet.

This device contains an LED display monitor, dual heating system, and noiseless remote control.

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  • The LED display enhances the easy monitoring of this device by use of the remote control.
  • Homegear 1500W Infrared Heater efficiently and quickly heats your room with the help of a dual heating system combining Mica and Quartz infrared heating tubes.
  • It is designed with overheat protection that instantly and automatically shuts the system off when it overheats.
  • The device is cheap and affordable.
  • This device produces the same heat output of up to 1500w as some of its bigger counterparts.


  • Some customers report that the heat of this device does not last for long after turning it off.

DeLonghi TRD40615E Full Room Radiant Heater

DeLonghi TRD40615E Full Room Radiant Heater is a great appliance for addressing the issue of warmth for your large drafty room.

It is called a Full-room heater for a reason. It can counter the chilliness associated with most drafty rooms.

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  • This brand results in a lower energy bill by heating your target room hence lowering the thermostat used and energy bills.
  • It is designed with a comfort temperature technology that is effective for cutting your cost by automatically maintaining the optimal temperature and power setting.
  • The oil system design of this brand is permanently sealed relieving you from the worries of refilling the heater.
  • It does not require any assembly.
  • This heater is cost-effective for every lover of room heaters


  • A customer reported that the device quality is poor as compared to other units.

Trustech Infrared Heater for Indoor Use

The Trustech Infrared Space Heater is one of the best solutions for chilly rooms because of its 1500W infrared heater with 3 modes and an energy indoor heater with a timer setting that works best for your heating.

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  • This device does not require pre-heating as it is capable of heating up instantly and driving the cold winter away.
  • The heater works on 1500W/700W while in a high/low effective solution for the winter season.
  • It carries a convenient timer function that is adjustable from 0-12 hours hence saving you from the electricity bill.
  • This device carries devices to prevent safety issues that include a tip-over shutoff that instantly turns off the system during an overheating.
  • The heater is equipped with an LED display screen and signal lights for visibility of the working status.


  • A client reported that some buttons featured on the heater failed to function.

Vornado VMH300 Whole Room Space Heater

The Vornado VMH300 Space Heater has an overall dimension of W:9.2” D: 10.4” H: 10.6” with a runoff wire element meant to heat a larger volume containing 3 heat settings and advanced safety features appropriate for home use.

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  • The device contains advanced safety features such as a cool-touch exterior, tip-over protection, and an automatic safety shutoff system to enhance protection during overheating.
  • The internal thermostat controls your comfort by automatically turning your heater on and off to maintain the set temperatures.
  • It is a heat-efficient device.
  • It is a noiseless heater.


  • The heater cannot last for long when carelessly maintained.

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