Best Space Heater for Large Basement

Basement heaters are perfect because they help reduce heating costs and are effective in warming people’s environment. The best basement heaters offer a perfect spread of heat through convection effectively to the entire room.

What should the Best Space Heater for Large Basement Have?

  • You should consider the space heater made from cool to touch surfaces to reduce the risk of burning
  • They should also have an automatic shut off feature to the unit off in case it is knocked over.
  • Overheat protection is another fundamental factor that every customer should look for when getting the best space heater as the sensor allows the unit to automatically shut itself when some elements overheat.

Best Space Heater for Large Basement

The following are the best space heaters designed for a large basement that will make you feel comfortable while using.

#1. PELONIS NY1507-14A

The NY1507-14A heater designed from Pelonis has an amazing operation that you would like as it relies on radiant heat that is virtually silent-it does not endure the noise that many heaters emit.


  • NY1507-14A is an oil-filled space heater capable of delivering energy-efficient radiant to keep you warm even in the coldest days.
  • It is designed by settings used to customize temperature via the user friendly LED display panel.
  • It has a unit castle wheel to ensure an easy maneuver of the heater into a specific position of your basement.
  • The heater is equipped with a 10-hour programmable timer to give you the ability to have a perfect level of comfort.
  • It comes with safety features that automatically turns off the heater when it is accidentally knocked over or it is overheated.
  • NY1507-14A is cost-effective and comes with a 12-month warranty.

#2. LIFESMART 6 Quartz Elements

The special features about the infrared space heater from Lifesmart are its automatic safety element that is designed to shut off when the temperature reaches 176 degrees.

This heater is suitable for families with children because it comes with a safety knock to make sure your children cannot break into it.


  • The heater is comprised of quartz elements specially designed to deliver heat within three seconds.
  • The heater can be placed at any position of your basement as it is portable and relatively small.
  • It has a beautiful design that is attractive to many of its users.
  • The LED display intuitive design of this heater delivers you from frustration when using because you can adjust a variety of settings such as temperature, mode, and fan speed.
  • It has a 12-hour timer suitable to program your schedule.
  • This heater comes with a remote for convenience use.


  • The grate gates too hot to touch when used for long.

#3. Homegear Infrared Electric Portable Space Heater

We reviewed and found that the infrared electric heater from Homegear is a perfect choice for heating your large basement because you can place it anywhere without creating a cramped floor.


  • It is effective for larger rooms of up to 500 square feet.
  • It has a simple design of digital display for easy adjustment of temperature.
  • It comes with a remote for convenience use.
  • Its blower fan operates at a very minimal noise.
  • This heater has been certified for standard safety by the electrical testing laboratories.


  • A customer reported that the Homegear infrared did not work effectively for his room with a high ceiling.

#4. DeLonghi Dragon 4

DeLonghi Dragon4 is designed to direct the heat into your room in the most efficient manner while maintaining a low surface temperature.


  • DeLonghi Dragon4 has a thin design to match any décor.
  • You can easily find the perfect position to place your heater due to its six-foot cable that is moveable.
  • The heater is made of a patented assembly that is permanently sealed because the assembly is made of steel hence durable.
  • This heater is programmable as it has a 24-hour timer to turn the heat on and off based on your specific temperature need.


  • Customers reported that DeLonghi should include a remote for the Dragon4 heater.

#5. Mr.  Heater Vent Free Blue Flame

We reviewed and found that Mr. Heater Vent can show the utmost satisfaction due to its power and durability.


  • This heater is built in thermostats without gas odor.
  • It is available in three variants with 10000, 20000, and 30000 BTU giving you a range of choices for the model based on the size of your room.
  • This heater comes with a battery-powered electric ignition system.
  • It does not require the use of electricity.


  • Heater Vent is unsuitable for altitudes of 45000 feet above sea levels.

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